ERP system designed to measure with a specialist in the industry!

Poly.ERP was developed for and with a medium-sized plastics manufacturer, which has more than 150 000 tons a year production and high competence in all relevant fields of compounding!

The main reason for developing this new industry-specific ERP system was that each of the present main ERP systems features many standard solutions to production, logistics, quality and sales management, but in the recipe-based production it is not sufficient at all.

Quality management from within!

Costs reduction along with high product quality can only be achieved while integrating the quality control into business processes.

Poly.ERP brings all opportunities with its powerful integrated Quality Assurance module.

Formula inspection plan ensures quality control during production.

The quality assurance of resources procurement is maintained by the Material inspection plan. This workflow can be distributed between logistics and quality assurance to control the silo loading.

Capital reductions safely tied up in the inventory!

Poly.ERP offers for finished products and raw material the possibility of container-based inventory management.

Thanks to unique barcodes each one of the containers can be tracked via a mobile data device while procurement or production process.

The complete movement and usage history of each container is available on one click. The annual inventory check is greatly accelerated and high search conts and inventory deficiencies are a thing of the past.

Formula-based production

The continuous optimization of production process in terms of cost, quality and customers focus is an essential key to competitiveness.

Poly.ERP offers by specializing in the formula-based manufacturing a variety of approaches to improve production process.

Silo load management

Whether batch tracking, negative amounts in the silo, silo loading during production or unloading during QA testing, every time Poly.ERP offers all of the customer’s requirements and solutions!

Best of ERP



Finalist European IT &
Software Excellence Awards 2014

Dynamic pricing as a key competitive factor!

In the context of continuous raw material price fluctuations is the quick and reasonable product price adjustment key component of corporate success.

Poly.ERP offers the possibility to create and deposit the customized price lists and to update them according to defined rules of calculation. Too often elaborate with Excel based monthly pricing is a nuisance of the past.

What’s more, the latitude of the transparency and the price adjustments having Poly.ERP allows you to show you the optimal design of gross profit.

Index-based price adjustment at ease

In addition to the gross profit sustaining, Poly.ERP price update process also provides the mechanism of calculating price index changes.

Whether index KI, Technon, custom indexes or in-house index price adjustments and the dispatch of new customer-specific price list is based on the rules defined by you at your fingertips. The business effect remains transparent at all times.

Advantage through information!

Efficient supply of information becomes the key competitive factor especially for midsize companies. This involves far more than just the availability of reporting.

Poly.ERP through the integrated application provides a broad and consistent data base. Integrated information management system with tools to flexible information design offers industry-specific metrics and reports to managers.

Information autonomy through BI

The integrated business intelligence system allows managers and departments of varying information needs the access to data using their own analysis. There is no special expertise in addition to the technical knowledge needed.

Whether it means gross profit analysis, production time or idle time or to compare some inventory metrics, Poly.ERP user is able to create the report on his own, without bothering the IT department.

This could save your resources and support well informed decisions!