Customized software

Highly specialized industry solution for plastics manufacturers:
Compounders and plastics recyclers.

Poly.ERP will ensure that your processes are integrated and efficient.

Secure and current inventory without using Excel lists

BigBag, silo or bales – your complete overview at all times. You will have transparence about your stock and about the quality of your casks.

A grip on stock

Why don’t you let your employees simply scan any stock change
instead of counting everything?

You do not have to be ERP expert

You will experience step by step how to optimize your core processes simply.

Increase your competitiveness

Create an advantage through high flexibility
and continuous process assurance.

Poly.ERP supports your work processes
with a single system and provides you with all
the relevant information.

React to customer demands quickly and flexibly

All consequences of plan changes are immediately visible and transparent for all participants in the company.

Modify order quickly and consistently

React fast and flexibly to changing customer demands

Production planning

Available finished goods

Transport control

Order cause list and production control station ensure
the necessary process integration and proactively shows bottlenecks.
This in turn enables you to provide custom-fit supply service.

Leading edge through knowledge

All relevant key figures available at the push of a button Consistently from one system, refined specifically for the industry and individually configurable.

A grip on all relevant processes

Developed by and for industry specialists
and always up-to-date.

Stock management

Reliable and real-time stock information through the principle of cask orientation
and scanning functions

Order management

Control and calculate customer orders. Poly.ERP provides a complete and up-to-date overview of all customer orders.

Production planning

The graphic and table control station offers customized functions for sequence planning and set-up time optimization.

Sales management

Integrated sales opportunity management as well as dynamic pricing to ensure your competitive advantage.

Quality management

Efficient planning and implementation of QA inspections synchronously to production progress ensure top quality.

Procurement management

Well-coordinate procurement is the foundation for optimal stock management a smooth production.

Reporting and key figures

Poly.ERP provides an integrated evaluation and analysis tool. You can use it to also generate your own analyses and reports.

Recipe development

Optimize and compare recipes. Poly.ERP significantly simplifies and accelerates your recipe development.

Document management

Store documents with sounds structure and identify and find business process at the push of a button..

Outpace the competition

The compound specialist Poly.ERP
will help you to always be a step ahead
of your competition.

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