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Stock management

Do you have a grip on your stock?

Poly.ERP ensures reliable stock information through the principle of cask-oriented stock management. Stock postings are shifted to the place of action through the use of scans. Any and all changes (quantity, quality, storage location) are visible for all employees without delay.

Order management

Is your order volume intact?

The upcoming order list in Poly-ERP will support your Customer Service with an always updated overview of all customer orders. A warning system will provide information about bottlenecks and date conflicts as well as synchronize the information flow for production planning. As a result, you will always stay current and can be proactive.

Document management

Do you find your documents at the right time in the right place?

Poly.ERP will make your business processes efficient and seamless because relevant documents are promptly available for all involved employees in the right place. The document management offers simple and pragmatic functions for assigning and searching for documents.

Procurement management

Do you have enough stock?

Poly.ERP includes integrated production planning and material disposition. The function “raw material dispatch” compares the consumption of raw materials, stock quantities and expected incoming goods with their developments over time. Based on this forecast, the Purchasing Department can make orders and prevent material shortages.

Production planning

Is your production running optimally?

Integrated production planning and control enables you to manage production orders including recipes and working papers. Deadlines are determined based on capacities and time requirements (set-up and production times). Any production and completion confirmation of time required which happen on site with a scanner are taken into consideration during planning. An intelligent warning system signals order changes, deadline violations and missing operating materials.

Sales management

Do you make full use of your sales opportunities?

Poly.ERP provides integrated management of sales opportunities with potential definition and tracking. A sales opportunity includes planned quantities, specifications, customers, competitors as well as intended sales prices and margins. All relevant information and activities about a single potential are centrally administered. This comprises all relevant documentation, a task list, the corresponding sample orders and offers as well as required laboratory orders.

Quality management

How complex is your QA?

With integration into the production process, inspection tasks are automatically generated based on pre-defined inspection plans. After being processed through QA, the inspection results are stored by batch in the system and are available for inspection certificates or dry runs of the manufactured goods. Thanks to specified warning and intervention limits, you will be able to react promptly to process fluctuations.

Reporting & key figures

Where does your company stand?

The management information system optionally coupled to Poly.ERP will always keep you updated about the most important company key figures. Ranging from production key figures to order backlog or sales figures, you will profit from customized analyses which either compresses current data or shows details.

Recipe development

How efficient is your development?

Poly.ERP offers extensive support for mapping laboratory orders and development recipes. You can systematically develop new recipes while building up a new recipe database. The recipe finder will help you to quickly and reliably find a suitable base recipe among thousands of recipes.

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